PAY-PER-USE payment models, combined with the digitalization and automation of the entire value chain, provide manufacturers with one of the foundations for maintaining competitiveness.
New services
Extensions and optimization of services to support, diagnose, analyze or evaluate and increase productivity, as well as control of the used market are made possible.
Solution sales
Instead of just physical hardware, a smart and innovative total solution is offered, such as one machine incl. rollout, maintenance, service, consumables, power and technology exchange.
Technology exchange
The automated usage data analysis ensures that the optimum time is used for the regular exchange of machines / goods (technology exchange).
In the future, customers will no longer finance the single machine by leasing, but they want a complete concept, for example a million welding points ... Horst Fittler, BDL-General Manager, in the “Handelsblatt” from (25.04.2017).
Use - dependent leasing and rental models, or PAY PER USE, are a logical consequence of digitization. Customer inquiries from very different industries such. As the IT environment, plant construction or forklifts are increasing more and more. Philipp Heitmann, Area Sales Manager GRENKE
In order to attract new customers and provide intensive support to existing customers, POWERTEC wants to enable usage-based leasing and service models for their forklift trucks. Oliver Weber, GF, Powertec

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Requirements for PAY-PER-USE

This consumption-based type of financing will help companies to expand their business model and adapt to the changing ecosystem. This creates new opportunities in the market.
The following points must be taken into account when implementing this model.



In order to adapt processes, make real-time decisions, and offer consumption-based financing and business models, data analysis and preparation are essential. Challenges exist in dealing with data, interfaces and the skepticism of employees towards change.

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European manufacturers are often quality leaders in their respective industries and face the challenge of retaining their customers and winning new ones. Through technological development, new service models can be offered. These contribute to increasing productivity and customer loyalty.

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New laws, customer requirements and competitive conditions call for new financing models. Companies have to deal with these changed conditions and face the problem of considering them in their business model. Which possibility connects these new influences and requirements?

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PAY-PER-USE in practice

Examples of how leading and innovative companies offer PAY-PER-USE business models.

Project background

For Whom?

For any manufacturer, lessor, and anyone else who is interested in PAY-PER-USE, PAY-AS-YOU-GO, PAY-AS-YOU-USE, and usage, consumption, or performance-based billing models.


A central information platform around the topic. It is intended to provide assistance to companies from all sectors on open questions, as well as to implement and integrate them on this topic. On the basis of practical examples, the showing of chances, advantages and conditions central points are presented. Finally, interested parties will get an overview of the different PAY-PER-USE models.

From Whom?

We are SE.M.LABS, a start-up company with years of experience in the software, banking and leasing industries, enabling lessors and manufacturers to market their products in a PAY-PER-USE business model. In doing so, we take over the digitization bridge between manufacturer and financier.


Our goal is to use this platform to publicize all the latest news and information related to this topic and bring together manufacturers, financiers, partners and users to make these models possible.

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